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February 18


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On a planet named Gizellia and its race named Gizellians, were once part of the Triple Empire composed of Tysonia, Flammea and Gizellia. But the Gizellians wanted freedom and rule in their own way. Facing no oppistion from Tysonia, the Gizellians drafted their proclamation of independence. But Flammea wasn't ready yet. Galactically seen, the Triple Empire was old and on the verge of collapse, especially during the Machine Wars. Flammea had their hands full fighting both the Machines who were advancing on them and the end of the Triple Empire by facing the Gizellian Revolutionary War. One noble Gizellian family lead Gizellia through many campaigns, some lost and some won. But under the command of then general and patriarch of the noble family who were simply named the Nobles, Giatork rose in victory after victory. The Flammeans were forced by the Machines to end the Triple Empire which for obvious reasons they agreed to do; the Machine military was too powerful, Tysonia was facing government crisis after another and the Gizellians wanted independence. The Triple Empire ceased to exist and from them formed the Flammean Presidency, the Tysonian Conferadacy and the Kindgom of Gizellia. During the war against Flammea, Gizellia formed a Council that was in charge of everything. After the war, the Council still endured but a new government was formed and a constitution to guide it. Giatork was hailed as the hero of Gizellia, the savior of freedom and was considered by many, the people, the Council and the Nobles to lead Gizellia. Giatork was relunctant about his new role. He resigned his commission as general and was enthroned as the Sovereign of Gizellia. A postion reserved only for him and his descendants. The Sovereign and Council ruled Gizellia and had to agree with each other before making laws, a decree(which both must agree on also)or proclamations.
A new race with history to come
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student Writer
Nice name.
Barricade379 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Writer
I'm thinking of doing a history of my own country as well.
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