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April 5


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Hope was in her room with her toy on the bed reading a book on fairy tales. She wished she could meet a real princess someday. She heard her cupboard door creek and it opened a bit. She was hungry and wanted some cookies. Then she heard rumbling in the kitchen! She got off her bed and ran to the kitchen! She saw the cookie jar on the kitchen table move by itself! She got close real slowly and quiet. She lifted the jar up and saw a mouse with yellow shirt and blue cap on his head. The mouse felt it no longer held the jar and opened his eyes. He saw Hope and was so scared that he jumped off the table and made a run for it! Hope put the jar down and went after the mouse. 'Wait!' she yelled. The mouse was cornered and sweat roll off him as Hope got closer and closer. 'I'm not going to hurt you.' Then he fainted. Hope was held him in her hand and poked his big belly to wake him but it didn't work. 'You never wake him like that' was said. Hope looked around but saw nobody in the room. 'Down here!' Hope then saw another mouse with dark red shirt and red cap.

Hope: 'Who are you?'
'I am Jaq. That is Gus you hold.'
Hope: 'Gus?'
Jaq: 'Zuk-zuk! Gus mean no harm.'
Hope: 'You try waking him then.'

And she put Gus down on the floor next to Jaq who pulled out a piece of cookie and held it before Gus' nose. Gus sniffed and got up.

Jaq: 'Gus you okay?'
Gus: 'Yeah. Gus okay.'
Hope: 'I didn't mean to scare you Gus. You surprised me that's all.'
Gus: 'Gus mean no harm. Gus only hungry for cookie.'
Hope giggled: 'I noticed.'
Jaq: 'Come on Hope. Time to go!'
Hope: 'You know my name?'
Jaq: 'Yep! Come on now!'
Hope: 'What? Where?'
Jaq: 'Someone wants to meet you.'
Hope: 'Meet me? Who?'
Jaq: 'You'll see. Follow us.'

Then all went up to Hope's room and when they entered, Hope saw someone sitting on the edge of her bed reading the book she was reading earlier. The book went down and Hope was looking at Cinderella!

Hope: 'Cinderella?'
Cinderella: 'Hello Hope.'
Hope: 'Am I dreaming?'
Cinderella: 'If you are, it's a good one. But I am here.'
Hope: 'Wow.'

She got closer to Cinderella. Jaq and Gus climbed on the bed. Hope then sat beside Cinderella.

Hope: 'I always wished to meet a princess.' I never thought it would come true.'
Cinderella: 'If you believe in your wish, it will come true. That's why I'm here, to answer your wish.'
Hope: 'That's right! You said that a wish is one from your heart and that it will be a...I forgot what is was.'
Cinderella: 'A dream is a wish your heart makes. If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish, will come true.'
Hope: 'Now I remember!'
Cinderella: 'Here is something that will help you remember it.'

Cinderella gave Hope a necklace with a silver heart with the engraved words 'a dream is a wish your heart makes.'

Hope: 'WOW! It's beautiful!'
Cinderella: 'Look in the mirror.'
Hope: 'Right!'

Hope hopped off the bed and went to her mirror with the necklace on.

Hope: 'Oh. If only...'

But when she looked back, Cinderella was gone, so were Jaq and Gus. Hope looked around her room and saw the door of her cupboard close slowly. Hope knew where Cinderella was, in her heart forever and ever.
A fan fic request for:iconkallytakumi:with her OC Hope who gets unexpected company.
Hope belongs to:iconkallytakumi:
Cinderella, Jaq and Gus belong to:icondisneyplz:
Turquoise-sea Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Aww, so sweet!
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Mooi verhaal. / Nice story.
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