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March 23


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On a morning, Ariel, Eric, Melody and the dog Max walked over the beach near Eric's castle. Max came back with an old and filthy boot in his mouth.

Eric: 'I looked for that for a month!'
Ariel: 'Hiding things is one of his favorite games.'
Eric:'Max has a habit of finding things and then bury them. My garden was filled with stuff that Max took from people.'
Nelody: 'Dad, you know what day it is tomorrow?'
Eric: 'It was uh uh...'
Melody: 'Christmas!'
Ariel: 'That's right honey.'
Melody: 'I can't wait!'
Ariel: 'Neither can we.'

The old boot Max had gave Melody the idea for the perfect gift for her father. Back in the castle Carlotta is serving tea next to the Christmas tree.

Carlotta: 'I just love gold and red ornaments.'

Grimsby is mumbling - his pocket watch is broken. Now Melody also knows gifts for those two. Ariel became aware of Melody's intent and wanted to help which Melody welcomed, The next day Ariel and Melody are shopping for Christmas gifts. They pick a pair of nice boots for Eric And also a secret surprise. They also pick a new watch for Grimsby, a golden necklace with a red ruby for Carlotta and a tasty bone for Max. Both the arms of mother and daughter are filled with gifts when Ariel notices a display with crystal hearts, fitting gifts for her father King Triton and her mermaid sisters. When both returned to the castle, Ariel locks the door of her room and she and Melody start to wrap the gifts up and write special messages for everyone. Both girls are so busy that they don't see what Max is doing. He is stealing his bone and he saw the other gifts too! After a lovely breakfast on Christmas morning, Ariel decides that now is a good time to unwrap the gifts. Melody runs upstairs but to her surprise, the gifts are gone! She looks everywhere, under the tapestry, in the closet but the gifts are nowhere to be found! With red cheeks of embarrassment, Melody comes back in the dining hall. Eric wants to give his gift to Melody but Ariel notices that something is bothering Melody and quickly interrupts Eric.

Ariel: 'Shall we go for a beach walk? We can wish my mermaid family a merry Christmas.'

Ariel is trying to stall for Melody's sake and find out what happened to the gifts.

Eric: 'Sure we'll all go!'

When they arrive on the beach, Triton and Ariel's sisters rise from the water.

Triton: 'We knew you would come! You never forget traditions of the sea!'

And all of them gave gifts to Ariel and her family. At that moment Max arrived. He carried one Eric's new boots in his mouth. Melody now understood.

Melody: 'He buried them all in the sand.'
Ariel: 'Now we know what to do. Surprise! The Christmas dig can begin!'

Eric started digging first.

Eric: 'I never celebrated Christmas like this before.' He said with a smile.

The others joined in the digging. And soon all the gifts were all found again.

Eric: 'Well Melody, this is a special gift.'
Melody: 'And the most special thing is, you don't have to look for it!'

With that they all laughed.

Melody gave another gift to her mother.

Ariel: 'Who is this from?'
Melody: 'There was no card on it but it did say it was for you.'
Eric: 'Go on then. Open it.'

Ariel unwrapped the gift and revealed a small golden seashell with with blue rubies on it.

Melody: 'Wow!'
Eric: 'There is a letter in the box.'

Ariel grabbed the letter and read:

'For someone pure as you, this seashell will strengthen the bonds of friendship. I miss you. From the blue skies, Hayley
This is my entry in the After-Ever-After:iconafter-ever-after:contest where Melody celebrates Christmas with her family and friends in a strange but funny way
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